Maxicam launches new website


At the beginning of March 2011 Maxicam officially setup it’s office in the UK to serve the UK and European markets. With an ever expanding range of products Maxicam decided it was time to create an online portal where customers could have all the information they required at just a mouse click away.

Maxicam’s philosophy is simple strive for quality in everything we do. At the heart of this philosophy we believe that informative, accurate and quality information is king. As with most quality websites the aim of Maxicam is to keep the online content current and fresh and provide our users with a rich and informative online experience.

As the site is in it’s infancy the information listed here at present is basic, highlighting the product offering from Maxicam and the technical information regarding these products. In time the aim is to keep on adding technical white papers, press releases, information about changes in current and future products, showcases of the technological advances in CNC technology as well as providing video, photos and support information for current and potential Maxicam customers.

Our CNC systems are extensively used in a variety of industries throughout the globe, including cabinet making, furniture production, woodworking, metal working, sign making, solid surface machining,tooling and plastic fabrication. Maxicam products are known for their high precision, outstanding reliability and ease of operation.

Purchasing a CNC router is a substantial investment for any business and we hope at you will find all the information you require to make an informed decision on your router purchase. Not only that we also hope we can keep customers up to date with all the tips and tricks of the trade as well providing detailed information on how to get the most productivity from your Maxicam CNC machine.

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see on then please contact us through the support number and let us know your thoughts. As this is a customer focussed community we would be extremely grateful for your comments.