P0503 & P0605 Mini Lasers



P0503 & P0605 Mini Lasers

The Powell CNC P0503 & P0605 Mini Lasers are the perfect machines for those who require a small format, yet powerful laser solution.  The mini laser range boasts a host of features, such as red dot positioning pointer, stainless steel movable working platform with 150mm travel, easy to use layout software and powerful DSP controller.  The machine can be controlled directly from the built in HMI or through a connected PC over Ethernet, USB or WIFI. Our Powerful design and cutting software completes the package.

Whilst the P0503 mini has a 40w laser source on board the P0506 mini can be equipped with either a 40w or 80w.

CO2 laser source for the most demanding applications.  For complete peace of mind, the mini series comes with a limited 3 year warranty.

  • 80w W1 RECI Co2 laser tube
  • Motorised 150mm rise and fall table for thicker parts
  • Micro Stepper motors and drivers
  • Knife blade table
  • Red dot laser for material location
  • Chiller for laser tube CW5000
  • 60.35mm Focal lens
  • Air compressor for air assist
  • DSP Contoller
  • Fume extraction to be vented through 1 off  150mm louvre
  • OEM USA laser software including support and driver

  • Rotary Device
  • 100mm focal lens for cutting material above 10mm
  • Removable honeycomb table
  • Spare focal lens 60.35mm
  • Spare RECI W1 80w Laser tube