P1325, P1615 & P2030 Large Format Lasers


P1325, P1615 & P2030 Large Format Lasers

The large format lasers from Powell CNC are designed to accommodate some of the common sheet sizes in the advertising industry. Up to a maximum of 2000
x 3000mm they can process a whole sheet of acrylic. With a powerful 150w RECI laser tube the large format lasers are versatile enough to cut a wide range of
nonmetallic materials such as wood, cloth, plastic, paper, card and many more.

– 150w RECI CO2 laser tube
– OEM Laser software
– Working area up to 2000 x 3000mm
– Knife blade table with parts drawers
– Elegant Design
– Affordable price

  • 150w RECI W6 laser tube
  • Micro Stepper motors and drivers
  • Knife blade table with parts drawers
  • Red dot laser for material location
  • Chiller for laser tube CW5000
  • 60.35mm Focal lens
  • Air compressor for air assist
  • DSP Contoller
  • Fume extraction to be vented through 1 off  150mm louvre
  • OEM USA laser software including support and driver

  • 100mm focal lens for cutting material above 10mm
  • Removable honeycomb table
  • Spare focal lens 60.35mm
  • Spare RECI  W6 1500w Laser tube

MODEL P1325 P1630 P2030
Working Area XYZ 1300 x 2500 mm 1600 x 3000 mm 2000 x 3000 mm
Laser Power 150W
Cutting Speed 0-40000mm/min
Working Accuracy 0.1 mm
File Format AI/DXF


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