PDCT1625 – Print to Cut Finishing

Print to cut digital cutting table

PDCT 1625

Efficient Cutting Heads

With a maximum cutting speed of 1M/sec, the PDCT cutting system is 5-6 times faster than manual cutting especially utilising the print to cut functionality.

Automatic Knife Initialisation

Automatic knife initialisation adjusts the depth of tool quickly and accurately

Automatic Camera Positioning

The automatic camera positioning system registers the cutting head to within 0.2 mm of the supplied artwork.

Motion Control System

CutterServer was developed to enable perfect circles and complex curved shapes.

Safety Device

Safety features are on integral part of the design on the PDCT.

Modular Customisation Solutions

The modular design of the PDCT machine, allows the production of a machine precisely suited to your space or production requirements.

Super Automatic Nesting System

The system can optimally nest items to be cut, taking in to account component size, grain direction, pattern, repeat or other user defined requirements.
The automatic nesting system will increase your productivity with fast high precision sampling & production.

Absorber System

The vacuum pump can be housed in a box constructed with sound absorbing materials, sound reduction can be 70%.

Continuous Cutting System

The continuous cutting system, enables materials to be fed cut and collected automatically.

  • EOT – Electronic Oscillating Knife for cutting soft and medium density materials, available with 1mm stroke
  • UCT – Universal Cutting Tool, used for through cutting materials with thicknesses up to 5 mm at high speed at low cost.
  • KCT – Kiss Cut Tool, for cutting vinyl, foil, films, thin paper, cardboard and other thin materials
  • Router – The router operates at speeds up to 60.000 RPM, and delivers solid performance on a wide range of rigid and flexible materials. Highly precise engraving capabilities include kiss cutting. Efficient dust extraction helps maintain a clean healthy work environment.
  • DRT – Dirven Rotary Tool for cutting textiles
  • V-CUT – The V-Cut tool is the perfect tool for producing complex structural designs from foam core or sandwich board materials. The tool can be set for cutting 5 different angles for different cutting requests. The 5 different angles are 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° respectively.
  • CTT – The CTT Tool is used for creasing corrugated materials. A selection of creasing tools allows perfect creasing in many substrates
  • POT – The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool is an air driven tool operating at high frequency to cut materials. Stroke is adjustable up to 8 mm, and is capable of cutting hard dense materials. Blades are available to permit cutting materials up to 50mm thick.